Strike Technologies has grown to be a leading South African developer, manufacturer and distributor of globally competitive Medium Voltage Protection Relays, Surge Suppression Equipment and Industrial Earth Leakage Relays.

We focus on equipment that provides protection of capital assets and human life from anomalies and abnormalities in the electrical power system. Our varied clientèle resides in the following sectors: Mining, Utilities, Industrial, HealthCare and Rail.

Strike Technologies has captured the international market with their niche products and enjoy a strong position in a globally competitive world.

Our Products

All our products are designed and manufactured inhouse in South Africa. Our highly skilled research and development division has kept us at the forefront of innovation and design.

MV Protection Relays

Surge Suppressors     

Industrial Earth fault protection

Market Specific Solutions

With our Strike Technologies products, we have established a strong footing in the following markets.